Why Coco seriously needs to stop switch hitting

Coco Crisp is the undeniable spark plug and all around leader of the Oakland A’s. His style of play is some of the most exciting baseball you can see anywhere in the big leagues. However, switch hitting is a gamble and for Coco I think it’s just about run its course. It’s real simple. He doesn’t hit when he bats right handed. Not since 2010, his first year with Oakland, has Coco been a legitimate threat from the right side.
Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics

2014 Batting Avg:  LHB: .333 –  RHB: .000                                                                      2013 Batting Avg:  LHB: .290 –  RHB: .218                                                                      2012 Batting Avg:  LHB: .265  – RHB: .248                                                                         2011  Batting Avg:  LHB: .293 – RHB: .205                                                                           2010 Batting Avg:  LHB: .261 – RHB: .329

I don’t care what anyone says, “but by switch hitting he gives a different look and gives the pitcher more issues”, “righty vs lefty, lefty vs righty means something”, “it makes our lineup more diverse”. Spare me, I understand the benefits of switch hitting but if your opinion sounds something like this then please, go away. I really could not care less about switch hitting if it doesn’t work! Can you imagine what Coco’s batting average would look like if he became a full time left handed batter? He would constantly be hovering in the .280 – .285 range, if not higher. For a player with as much speed and base stealing ability as Coco has, would benefit indefinitely.




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